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QCGA Wins at State
QCGA Level 4sCongratulations to The QCGA Level 4 Team for competing at the IL USAG State Championships held in Washington, IL (Gym Corner). Thanks to all QCGA coaches who have worked so hard this year with our Level 4 team. What a fantastic season these girls had this year! Below are the individual results:

MacKenzie: 9.375 Vault (8th), 8.950 Bars (22nd), 9.400 Beam (3rd), 9.025 Floor (16th), 36.750 All-Around (12th)
Kaelyn: 9.625 Vault (3rd), 9.525 Bars (6th), 9.375 Beam (4th), 9.400 Floor (4th), 37.925 All-Around (3rd)
Ella: 9.175 Vault (24th), 8.450 Bars (29th), 8.400 Beam (29th), 8.825 Floor (19th), 34.850 All-Around (29th)
Deven: 9.425 Vault (6th), 9.525 Bars (4th), 9.250 Beam (7th), 9.075 Floor (14th), 37.275 All-Around (4th)

QCGA Level 5sCongratulations to the QCGA level 5 team for a 4th Place finish in the junior division at the USAG State Championships held in Sycamore, IL (Energym). QCGA is proud to announce that we have a State Champion on Vault and another on All-Around! Way to go girls! Another fantastic season!

Natalie: 9.250 Vault (2nd), 9.350 Bars (2nd), 9.575 Beam (2nd), 9.275 Floor (3rd), 37.450 All-Around (1st)
Allison: 8.225 Vault (29th), 8.450 Bars (23rd), 8.950 Beam (17th), 8.650 Floor (15th), 34.275 All-Around (23rd)
Sydney: 8.275 Vault (26th), 8.900 Bars (20th), 8.250 Beam (31st), 8.750 Floor (13th), 34.175 All-Around (28th)
Caylie: 8.800 Vault (9th), 8.850 Bars (18th), 9.375 Beam (3rd), 9.550 Floor (2nd), 36.575 All-Around (5th)
Hayley: 8.000 Vault (29th), 8.300 Bars (20th), 8.500 Beam (26th), 7,950 Floor (30th), 32.750 All-Around (29th)
Amaya: 9.325 Vault (1st), 9.350 Bars (2nd), 8.800 Beam (18th), 9.275 Floor (4th), 36.750 All-Around (3rd)
Abbey: 8.900 Vault (6th), 9.075 Bars (8th), 9.450 Beam (4th), 9.075 Floor (5th), 36.500 All-Around (4th)
Ashlynn: 8.425 Vault (20th), 8.950 Bars (14th), 9.050 Beam (12th), 9.200 Floor (4th), 35.625 All-Around (14th)
Alice: 8.675 Vault (7th), 8.800 Bars (15th), 8.750 Beam (18th), 8.675 Floor (12th), 34.900 All-Around (15th)

QCGA OptionalsGreat job to our Optionals who competed in Sycamore, IL (Levels 6 and 7, at Energym) and Coal City, IL (Levels 8, 9, and 10 at Gymnastics X-Caliber). Kylie, one of our level 8 team members, qualified and went on to compete at the Region 5 regional competition again this year!

Kylie, Level 8 Jr: 8.275 Vault (31st), 8.350 Bars (24th), 8.975 Beam (18th), 8.400 Floor (32nd), 34.000 All-Around (30th)
Ashley, Level 8 Sr: 8.425 Vault (29th), 8.425 Bars (22nd), 8.000 Beam (30th), 8.925 Floor (17th), 33.775 All-Around (29th)

Audrey, Level 7 Jr: 9.175 Vault (18th), 9.050 Bars (10th), 8.000 Beam (19th), 8.550 Floor (23rd), 34.775 All-Around (20th)
Taylor, Level 7 Sr: 9.250 Vault (13th), 7.100 Bars (24th), 9.000 Beam (8th), 8.200 Floor (25th), 33.550 All-Around (21st)

Congratulations to Kylie for getting to attend the regional meet in Coal City, Illinois the last weekend in April! Great job, Kylie!

Spectacular Visitors

Spectacular GymnastsThe Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular
QCGA was proud to host Nastia Liukin (2008 Olympic Champion), Jonathan Horton (2008 Olympic Silver Medalist), Courtney Kupets (2004 Olympian, 3 time NCAA national champion), and Ivan Ivanakoff (two-time World Champion) as they prepared for the live show at the I-Wireless Center.

Thanks to Disson Skating and the director, Mr. Pete, for all the awesome opportunities they have provided QCGA; all the way from the visit of the athletes on Thursday to the chalk talk opportunity for our kids before the show, as well as providing some tickets and vip passes to the meet & greet party after the show! QCGA was also given the opportunity to conduct an informational booth about our club directly on the main concourse during the show.

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